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Canada to Ban All Weed ‘N Feed Nationwide

Posted on April 26, 2010 by Paige

Ecolawn from Nichol's Garden Nursery - it's supposed to have flowers

Stating “pesticides should only be used when and where there is a need,” Health Canada — the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency — announced Feb. 2 that it plans to ban the sale and application of all weed ‘n feed type products across Canada. The new regulations will come into effect at the end of 2012. (From the safelawns blog.)

“Pesticides should only be used when and where there is a need” – what an astonishing idea.

So Canada is banning weed ‘n feed products starting in 2012 while at the moment in the U.S., you can buy weed ‘n feed and sundry other pesticides almost everywhere – even, strangely, the grocery store.

(Okay, there’s no weed ‘n feed at my local grocery store – I went and checked. There were other pesticides but no weed ‘n feed.)

Have you ever really thought about weed’n feed? It’s a catchy name, but how does it work? The idea is that at stated intervals you or a lawn company spreads or sprays your yard with a fertilizer/herbicide mix. Now I freely grant that most lawns need periodic fertilizing but is spraying herbicides all over your lawn (the child and/or dog’s play field) every two or three months, in hopes of preventing dandelions and clover really the best way to go? Do you take antibiotics “just in case”? No of course not.

Weed ‘N Feed – the antithesis of IPM.

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